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Confucius Institute Application Process

Interested in a Confucius Institute Scholarship? Go for it! CI
...or as they say in China and Taiwan: Jia yóu!

In order to apply for a Confucius Institute (CI) Scholarship:
  1.   Register for a Chinese language courses at Miami Dade College 
  2.   Register and take the HSK (Standard Chinese Proficiency Test) 
  3.   Fill out online  Application ($30 non-refundable application fee)
  4.   Submit Unofficial Transcript via online application 
  5.   Submit 250 word statement of purpose via online application 
Once submitted, the CI will conduct a technical review to confirm eligibility. Once confirmed, you will need to:
  1.   Submit Official CI Scholarship Application (Two letters of recommendation and official transcript required at this level)
Please keep in mind the following pre-requisites for each scholarship type:
***Click here for a description of the courses below. 
Pre-requisite for summer scholarship eligibility: CHI1120
Pre-requisite for semester scholarship eligibility: CHI1120, CHI1121
Pre-requisite for year scholarship eligibility: CHI1120, CHI1121, CHI2200

For more information on the Confucius Institute at MDC, click here