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Spanish for Native Speakers: Seville

Check out these photos from Professor Medina's program to Spain and Morocco:

Medina 1
Professor Medina and her students (with Finn!) in Seville, Spain

Medina 2018-2
Visiting the Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain

Medina 2018-3
Flamenco Dance Lessons

Medina 2018-4
Bailando Flamenco

Medina 2018-5

Medina 2018-6
Riding Camels in the Moroccan Desert

Medina 2018-7
Enjoying sunshine on a Moroccan beach

Medina 2018-8
Learning how to make paella

Medina 2018-9
The Master Chef at work

Medina 2018-10
The paella is served!

Medina 2018-11