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2018-2019 Study Abroad Global Ambassadors

Still unsure as to whether study abroad is right for you?
Ask our Study Abroad Global Ambassadors about their experience!
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Meet our 2018-2019 Study Abroad Global Ambassadors:
Name: Florence Garcia
Home Campus: Kendall
Countries Visited: Greece, Italy and the Vatican City
Program Name / Year: Arts and Humanities / 2018
Pathway / Major: Business
Clubs / Organizations: Phi Beta Lambda
Message to peers about study abroad / Most memorable study abroad experience: Did you know that only 1- 2% of Americans study abroad every year? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! It was always a dream of mine to study abroad. When I saw that Miami Dade College offered a variety of programs abroad, I got so excited and realized that enrolling in a program was a pathway for my dream to become a reality! I am still in awe of all of the historical landmarks and views we saw and the food that we ate! But what I will always treasure from my experience abroad will be the friendships and relationships made with my classmates and professor. I could go on and on, but it's time for you to sign up and experience this for yourselves!

GA 2018-19 Arianna
Name: Arianna Cruz
Home Campus: Wolfson
Countries Visited: Spain and Morocco
Program Name / Year: Spanish for Native Speakers / 2018
Pathway / Major: English
Clubs / Organizations: Honors College, Treasurer at Rotaract Club of Miami, Member of Phi Theta Kappa, Mentor at Wolves in Training, Writer at Metromorphosis Magazine
Most memorable study abroad experience: During this study abroad program, I learned to sharpen my sense of profiling people around me. As a criminal justice major with a desire of specializing in the psychology field of this career, profiling people is a must. I learned two things: I need to keep practicing my profiling techniques and that not everything is what it seems. I remember an incident in Morocco: I was looking at this man who was following the crowd which was pretty weird considering the time of day and that it was Ramadam, when locals are usually asleep. He was dressed as a local in jeans and a shirt. He was looking at all of us without even trying to hide it. In that moment, my criminal justice self turned on and I started keeping a close eye on this man. Who could he be? Why was he here? What did he want? He didn’t even speak or anything, he just had a serious look on his face the whole time. I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t a salesman or a tourist guide, but I couldn’t figure out who he was. It wasn’t until our guide explained to us that he was a local cop who was assigned to follow and protect us that I understood. I found it funny and interesting how local cops in Morocco dress up in regular clothes, indistinguishable and non-threatening, while here in the States all cops love to boast while in their uniforms.

GA 2018-19 Reynier
Name: Reynier Ruenes Gonzalez
Home Campus: Wolfson
Countries Visited: Greece, Italy and the Vatican City
Program Name / Year: Arts and Humanities / 2018
Pathway / Major: Accounting
Clubs / Organizations: Student Government Association Ambassador
Message to peers about study abroad: It was the best experience of my life, not only as a student or a future professional, but it also made me a better human being. I will never regret participating in this amazing opportunity. Namaste.

GA 2018-19 Kherby
Name: Kherby Jean
Home Campus: North / Kendall
Countries Visited: Czech Republic and Slovakia
Program Name / Year: Eastern European Architecture / 2018
Pathway / Major: Architecture
Clubs / Organizations: Architecture Club, Minorities of the Future, Haitian IBO
Message to Peers about study abroad: Studying abroad was something I always wanted to do but the possibility of that happening never materialized. It was always a dream. I was able to achieve my dream this past summer when I went to Prague and Slovakia to study architecture. I didn’t know about the trip until a friend told me about it. At first, I was hesitant to apply. Unfortunately, someone had taken the last spot and I realized that I wouldn't be able to go. I still decided to apply to the program even after finding out it was full. Fast forward: I got an email saying that someone had recently dropped out of the program and was I still interested. I responded “YES!” portraying my excitement at the announcement. It was now time for me to start the process. I then realized I needed to go to Washington D.C. to get a Schengen visa. This meant that I would have to find a way to fly out to Washington D.C. and get to the embassy, all without having any family members or friends that lived there. After many phone calls, the Director of Global Student Programs, Carol, managed to get me an appointment in time. In addition to that, she was able to find previous study abroad travelers from Miami Dade College that live in D.C. These individuals were amazing. I got to see the White House and visit numerous universities in the area thanks to them. I got my visa and went home on the same day. Everything else worked out and I had the most incredible experience in Europe. Learning about the different architectural styles and theories was a blessing. The different types of buildings, the amazing food, the European cars and the people made the trip amazing. Overall, this was an incredible experience and all the adversities that I overcame made my study abroad trip all the more worthwhile. Finally, I want to say if you have a dream to travel take the opportunity to do it while you can and never give up no matter what stands in your way.

GA 2018-19 Juan
Name: Juan S. Rodriguez
Home Campus: North
Countries Visited: Spain and Morocco
Program Name / Year: Spanish for Native Speakers / 2018
Pathway / Major: Film, TV and Digital Production
Extracurricular Activities: Volunteering at film festivals
Message to peers about study abroad: The study abroad program was probably one of the most life-changing experiences I've had in my years not only as a student but also professionally. This was my very first time crossing the Atlantic (something that I had planned for the last 5 years) and encountering such diverse cultures, how people relate to one another, and living not as a tourist but as a student were moments that I will never forget. ENJOY IT! Do not be afraid of anything.

GA 2018-19 Eduardo
Name: Eduardo D. Gomez
Home Campus: Kendall
Countries Visited: Greece, Italy and the Vatican City
Program Name / Year: Arts and Humanities / 2018
Pathway / Major: Criminal Justice
Clubs / Organizations: Veteran Student
Message to peers about study abroad: This is your opportunity to visit other countries and learn about their cultures and make new friends. It's an opportunity to bond with classmates and memories to cherish for a long time. Don't be afraid to give traveling a shot. New adventures await for you.

GA 2018-19 Daniella
Name: Daniella Garcia
Home Campus: Kendall / InterAmerican
Countries Visited: England, Scotland and Ireland
Program Name /  Year: Introduction to Literature: Harry Potter and Game of Thrones / 2018
Pathway / Major: Pre-Bachelor of Arts
Clubs / Organizations: Phi Theta Kappa Social Media Coordinator (Kendall Campus), Hermione's Army Secretary (IAC Campus), Urbana (Creative Arts Publication) Editor  (IAC Campus), Summer Orientation Leader (Kendall Campus)

Most memorable study abroad experience / Message to peers about study abroad: One of the most memorable moments on my study abroad was taking an unplanned tour through the sets of Game of Thrones. Being able to put on stark cloaks and battle in front of the Winterfell castle was such a crazy experience. We had even booked our own little bus to get there, and that extremely long bus ride brought us so closer than ever, dancing and singing during the whole ride! A message to my peers about studying abroad would be to not feel discouraged from going if you don't know anyone or if your friends won't go, because by the end of your trip you'll practically be family with the group you travel halfway across the world with. Don't let it hold you back!

GA 2018-19 Michelle 2
Name: Michelle Saavedra
Home Campus: Wolfson
Countries Visited: Greece, Italy and the Vatican City
Program Name / Year: Arts and Humanities / 2018
Pathway / Major: Drama
Clubs / Organizations: Wolfson Thespians
Message to peers about study abroad: Traveling could be interesting. But traveling abroad with classmates you never met before and going through the same amazing adventures together is a once in a lifetime experience. Your life will become a movie for two weeks. You will be in places you have only seen in books, try food that you’ve never heard of and meet people so different from you that you will be fascinated. Studying abroad is a dream come true for a learner that enjoys traveling. Prepare yourself for making new memories every day, encountering surreal views every ten minutes and coming back home with your camera roll full of pictures in unreal places! So…Are you writing your essay already? See you at the airport! ;)