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Study Abroad Testimonials

Take a look at what MDC students have to say about their experiences abroad!
"Amazing opportunity! I highly recommend to anyone to study abroad at least once in their life. It opens a lot of doors and is a great way to make friends all over the world."
-Maria Llerena (Florence, Italy) 

"A huge thanks to the staff for the Beijing International Summer Camp 2016. The experience at the Beijing International Chinese College was impactful and immensely valuable."
- Natalie Janata- Bomnn (Beijing, China)

"It was an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed every second of it. It also broadened my knowledge and enhanced the way I think about everything."
-Shaquille Reid (Ireland, England, Scotland) 

"Everything has been amazing! Florence is beyond beautiful, my roommates are super friendly and my Italian class is going well!
-Julie De Leon (Florence, Italy) 

"I completely fell in love with Spain and honestly would love a chance to study there for a longer period of time!"
-Marialy Jimenez (Seville, Spain)