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Meet our Study Abroad Global Ambassadors

Still unsure as to whether study abroad is right for you? Ask our Study Abroad Global Ambassador's about their experience!

Meet our 2017-2018 Study Abroad Global Ambassadors:

2017 GA- Joshua Elias
Name: Joshua Elias
Home Campus: Kendall
Country Visited: Surabaya, Indonesia
Program Name/Year: Multicultural Communications and Relations/2017
Pathway/Major: International Relations
Most memorable study abroad experience: After visiting one of the malls in Indonesia, I got lost and missed the bus back, so I had to drive to the hotel with one of the students from the university there. When we got in the car, I asked her to play some music, expecting some exotic tunes in a language I didn't understand. To my complete shock, she proceeded to play Kendrick Lamar's Humble and began singing it verbatim. We aren't all so different after all!

2017 GA- Jessica Galan
Name: Jessica Galan
Home Campus: North
Country Visited: Salamanca, Spain (Also visited Segovia, Avila, Madrid)
Program Name/ Year: Spanish Literature/2017
Pathway/Major: International Business Management
Message to peers:  Take advantage of as many study abroad programs as possible. They are a cheap, safe, and easy way to travel, especially if you’re not used to traveling…like me! Visiting a country as a student and not a tourist is an excellent way to open up your mind and create memories and even friendships that will last. 

2017 GA- Melissa Hurtado
Name: Melissa Hurtado
Home Campus: Kendall/Wolfson
Country Visited:  Surabaya, Indonesia
Program Name/ Year: Multicultural Communications and Relations/2017
Pathway/Major: Anthropology 
Favorite thing about going abroad: Making friends on the other side of the world whilst drinking avocado and chocolate. 

2017 GA- Roxana Perez
Name: Roxana Perez
Home Campus: North
Country Visited: Salamanca, Spain
Program Name/ Year: Spanish Literature/2017 
Pathway/Major: International Relations 
Message to peers: This is such an extraordinary experience that will benefit you not only in future schools, jobs, or internships, but to grow as well-rounded individuals. You should try to take advantage of any international programs given to you! Always contact your study abroad department; it is full of people who would love to make these opportunities attainable. 

2017 GA- Yanelis Roman
Name: Yanelis Roman
Home Campus: North/ InterAmerican
Country Visited: Surabaya, Indonesia
Program Name/ Year: Multicultural Communications and Relations/2017
Pathway/Major: Political Science; Minor: International Relations
Message to peers: Study abroad was a life changing experience. I submerged myself in another culture completely different to my own. The people I met forever changed my perspective in faith, culture, and the world. The moment that impacted me the most was walking under waterfalls feeling the air from the trees surrounding me. I have learned to live in the moment. 

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